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I wanted to share with you why Breast Cancer Awareness Month is so important to me.  Why I'll be featuring so many products from brands that contribute to breast cancer organizations.  Why I'm blogging pink.  For me, it's personal.

I’m blogging pink in honor of my mom, who passed away from breast cancer. This is also why I am so committed to the Estee Lauder brand and am so grateful for their partnership in October with the BBN [Beauty Blog Network].

My mom was seeing an oncologist at the Mayo Clinic and had received many different cancer treatments, as she was participating in clinical trials. She was so brave. I had read that there was a center within the Mayo Clinic where you could go and beauticians were on hand to fit you with a wig. I convinced my mom that we should at least check it out.

When we went there, the staff couldn’t have been more supportive. They fitted my mom with a wig (she had lost much of her hair, and although she was self conscious, she was too proud to admit that she “needed” one). They also came out with a box of cosmetics — all Estee Lauder brands. The first thing my mom did was pick up a lipstick and apply it. My eyes met hers in the mirror and she said “I think it’s going to be ok, now.”

That box of cosmetics got my mom through a very difficult day and through many more. I wish I knew the person at the Estee Lauder Corporate office that I could thank and tell them how much that box meant to me and my mom.  To people who say that a lipstick can't change a person's life, I would have to disagree.  That’s why the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is so important to me. That’s why I blog pink in October.

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