Sensai Fluid Finish
is a unique liquid makeup foundation that is an infusion of silk and 55% water.  This formula not only hydrates your skin, but helps to minimize the appearance of pores and uneven skin tone.  It feels almost too luxurious for a foundation; almost like a treatment product.  Yes.  It's that good.

Rich in Fuji Sensui water, Fluid Finish also contains Koishimaru Silk Extract, Moistened Powder and Weightless Moist Glow Factor to keep the skin gently hydrated while imparting a silky, healthy sheen to the skin.  It's really an incredible foundation.  It provides all day wear  (and for me, that means no touch-ups) without a loss of coverage.  Love this!

Fluid Finish
is part of the new Foundation Series, in collaboration with Hisano Komine, international make-up artist.  It's a process that incorporates three products to achieve perfection.  First, start with Smoothing Water Make-Up Base, which looks like water, but increases the moisture content of the skin (tests show up to 400!).  Then apply the Fluid Finish Foundation in Soft Ivory.  You can use your fingers, but with this formula, I really feel there is a benefit to using a foundation brush to get the perfect application and guarantee the best coverage.  Finish with Sensai Loose Powder (translucent), which is extremely fine-milled.  Apply the Loose Powder with the puff, but then I also buff with my MAC 187 brush for a flawless finish.

Sensai Fluid Finish Foundation retails at $50 and is available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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