Orlane Paris has introduced the Absolute Radiance Lightbox, a skincare solution that promises to deliver more beautiful skin in 7 minutes.  Cinderella skin in 7 minutes?  Sign me up!

The Orlane Absolute Radiance Lightbox contains Absolute Radiance Dazzling Eye Ritual, which consists of Eye Contour Serum & Under-Eye Patches;  Shimmering Skin Masque + Cream and Absolute Radiance Evanescent Cream.  There are six full applications within the Lightbox.

The process is simple.  I would recommend taking everything out of the box and setting up the products in order of use, so as not to waste time.  You should start by thoroughly cleansing your face.  Then apply the eye serum above and below your eyes.  Follow by applying an eye patch underneath each eye.  I tapped it into place using my ring finger and set the clock for 7 minutes.  You can feel that the patches are going to be moisturizing and hydrating; they feel cool on application.

Next, mix the Shimmering Skin Masque.  To do this, you mix a Powder into a cream; mix and apply to your face.  The Masque takes 5 minutes.  When done, remove the eye patches and rinse off the mask.   You then apply the Evanescent Cream, designed to energize, oxygenate and detoxify the skin. You'll notice that your skin feels like velvet as you're rinsing.

The results?  I loved the way my skin looked in under 10 minutes.  My skin was glowing, refreshed and the skin under my eyes looked noticeably tighter and brighter; bags gone.  And the effect lasted all night. The Orlane Absolute Radiance Lightbox is a great treatment to use before a special event or for traveling. 

Orlane Paris Absolute Radiance Lightbox retails at $200 and is available at Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Photo credit:  WWD

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