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One of the big trends for Fall makeup is red lipstick.  Always a classic and sexy look.  But how do you choose the correct shade of red?  I recently had the opportunity to check in with Tim Quinn, Giorgio Armani Beauty's Celebrity Makeup Artist and National Artistic Director, for his tips on how to choose the right shade of lipstick, as well as address other makeup challenges.

Rouge d'Armani 400

Beauty411:  Many women would love to wear red
lipstick, but selecting the right shade can be intimidating (I know it is for me!).
 In general, what are your tips for choosing the right shade of red
lipstick? Is there a certain way to apply it for maximum coverage or stay

TQ: If you are a novice,
try a sheer red for a less dramatic look. For the fall trend, try a velvety red
for fuller coverage. The most universal red is one with a bluer tone. The red
with more orange in it is more suitable for someone with a golden complexion;
it is not good for fair skin. The berry red is fairly universal – it’s
a great Autumn alternative to red. I recommend applying a bit of gloss over it.
For maximum cover and staying power, I advise applying a lip pencil similar to
the natural color of the lip with the lipstick applied on top. Finish off the
look by applying a bit of concealer, like our High Precision Retouch, around
the lip to help prevent bleeding.

Sheer Blush

Beauty411:  Now that we have the right shade of
red lipstick, what do we need to think of in terms of makeup application for
the rest of the face?  Should the rest of the face be more muted so that
the lips stand out?

TQ: Yes – but you don’t
want to look too retro. You don’t want to look like you’re going
for cocktails on the set of Mad Men! You should have a light lilac/rose shade,
like Sheer Blush #12, applied lightly to the cheeks. A soft, defined eye is
ideal – Eyes to Kill Palette in Black Steel topped off with Eyes to Kill
mascara are great for achieving this.


Beauty411:  Shade selection in foundation can
also present some challenges.  How do you recommend a woman determine the
correct shade?  Might there be times when she would have more than 1

TQ:  Make sure you are
wearing an open neckline so that you can see your entire face and neck. Then
try a few shades closest to your natural color and apply them on your cheek,
down to your jaw line. Let the foundation set in the skin and step away from
the mirror and look for the tone that most closely resembles your skin tone. It
is great to have more than one foundation. When transitioning seasons, you might
find your skin color has slightly changed. Also, for different occasions, you
might want a different foundation. A useful tool is the Foundation Finder on, where
you can find your shade in all of our foundations – they all have
different finishes so having more than one is great for different occasions.

Fluid Sheer

Beauty411:  One product that has been a
challenge for me to use is Fluid Sheer.  As a makeup artist, how do you
use Fluid Sheer?  What are some tips and application techniques that you could
share with use of Fluid Sheer?

TQ: Fluid Sheer can be used
in a multitude of ways – as a highlighter, color booster (i.e. adding
more bronze/gold to your color) and a cheek color. For a highlighter, #0, 2, or
7 can be used. To apply, accent the top of the cheekbone and brow bone using a
small synthetic brush or finger tip. To add warmth and a subtle golden glow,
use #3, 8 or 10. They can also be used in lieu of a powder bronzer.

To apply,
pump 1-2 pumps into your palm; using a powder brush, swirl Fluid Sheer onto
brush and sweep across your temples, cheeks and jaw line in the shape of a 3. For
a chic cheek choice, use #4 or #1. To apply, pump 1-2 pumps into palm and swirl
onto blush brush; sweep across cheekbones. It can also be used under a powder
blush to give a more defined cheek. I often use Fluid Sheer on
the red carpet and backstage on the women’s decollete, arms, and legs with
their moisturizer to give the skin a nice, subtle sheen.  

Tim Quinn - Official Headshot

Many thanks to Tim Quinn, Celebrity Makeup Artist and National Artistic Director for Giorgio Armani Beauty for the tips and advice!

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