Biologique Recherche is a French skincare line created by Dr. Phillippe Allouche, with the goal of developing a totally natural skincare product line using plants, herbs and other natural extracts.  It was his belief that retinoids were too harsh for use on skin.  I had heard that some of the products were cult favorites and beloved by those who were really in-the-know about skincare, so I was excited when given the opportunity to try and review the following Biologique Recherche products:


P50W Lotion:  Good for exfoliating, firming lines around the mouth, forehead and eyes.  This product is a vitamin-enriched, exfoliating lotion that purifies, hydrates , tones and balances and controls sebum.  There are three formulas; the famous P50 for normal skin, P50V for more sensitive skin and P50W for mature or very sensitive skin.  The P50 Lotion contains key active ingredients of Usnic Acid, Lactic Acid, Witch Hazel, Onion Extract and Sage Extract.  I used the P50W Lotion in the morning and evening after cleansing as a daily exfoliator.  While the smell wasn't unpleasant, it is "organic".  Over time, I noticed a decrease in pore size, along with brightened and clear skin tone and did not experience any drying effects or feel that my skin was stripped of moisture.


Serum Yall 02:  Biologique Recherche is perhaps most known for it's serums.  The Yall 02 Serum is a treatment serum that fights affects of dehydration and aging by plumping the skin, revitalizing and reinforcing skin's elasticity.  Made with Pomegranate Extract (a powerful antioxidant), Hibiscus and Lily Extracts (known to heal and regenerate), Hyaluronic Acid and 10% Marine Collagen (both rehydrate and plump the skin), Yall 02 is a perfect anti-aging serum.  I used Serum Yall 02 morning and evening after P50W and absolutely love it.  I definitely noticed that with use, my skin was smoother, firmer and softer; fine lines diminished.


Creme MSR "H":  This is a luxurious oxygenating and hydrating cream that helps to correct skin imbalances caused by the aging process.  Creme MSR "H" is recommended for dull, mature and/or wrinkling skin.  Active ingredients include wild yam extract, soy extract vitamin E, beeswax and shea butter.  This was the perfect cream for me to be using in January and February when my skin gets dry and looks lifeless.  It's a silky, elegant cream that makes your skin glow.  My skin felt completely hydrated and comfortable. 

While using all of the Biologique Recherche products, I never experienced any sensitivity or breakouts and I have to say, my skin looked incredible.  I would recommend this line for someone looking for a high quality, natural skincare line.  The only downside is that it may take a little work to locate the products.

Biologique Recherche products are used and sold in exclusive spas and medical practices in over 40 countries worldwide.  For more information, please visit or call 1-800-755-5270.

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