This month, Beauty Bylines™ explores the what it's like to be on Bobbi Brown's Elite Artistry Team with Kim Soane, Manager of Artistry at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.  Kim is an accomplished makeup artist, having worked in fashion, on celebrities, in print and TV. 

Beauty411:  Did you always know you wanted
to be a makeup artist?  How did you decide to turn your passion
for beauty into something more? 

Kim:  When I was in grade 12, I ripped
out an article about a woman that had started her own business by making
women beautiful. I found it so inspiring and still have the article
to this day.   

I was raised in a conservative environment
where success in your job meant to work in an office, like a lawyer
or an accountant does. After years working as a cosmetics buyer for
a mass retailer in Canada, I would sit in buying meetings, stare at
a vendor and say, “Yes, we will ship this product, but did you know
that you would look great with some blush?”  

I started to do friends’ makeup
for their weddings, and then I left the world of cubicles to work at
a makeup counter. Since then, I have never looked back and have never
been happier. 

Beauty411:  Describe for us what it's like
to work with Bobbi Brown.  As a member of her Elite Beauty Team,
how intense is the training? 

Kim:  I have been very fortunate over the
past four years in New York to work side-by-side with Bobbi, and represent
her brand on many occasions throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.  Bobbi leads by example. She is hard
working, has high expectations, and is kind and honest. She challenges
you to be the best you can be, to step back, look, and ask yourself,
“Could it be better?” 

Every photo shoot, fashion show,
and television appearance I do with Bobbi is a day of training. Each
time I work with Bobbi, I learn and move forward, making me stronger
and more creative.

 Beauty411:  How do you prepare for Fashion
Week?  (Can you describe the process of when you start, etc?) 

Kim:  Six weeks before the shows begin,
we choose the team of artists that will work with Bobbi backstage at
the shows.  

Next, we give direction to the artistry
team for preparing their makeup kits, packing for backstage, adhering
to the dress code, and respecting the etiquette guidelines. The week
before the shows begin, all backstage artists attend artistry training
to ensure that everyone’s skills are on point. 

As the shows are confirmed, Bobbi
attends the makeup tests with the designers, during which the makeup
looks are created. I always make sure there is an artist at the makeup
test. His or her job is to chart the look, and ensure that it is properly
communicated back to our artistry department. 

Back at Bobbi Brown, any limited
edition or seasonal products are collected for the backstage kit, face
charts are created, and verbiage is confirmed.  Three hours before each show, our
team arrives at the tents, the kits are set up, Bobbi demonstrates the
look to the backstage team, and then the creation begins! 

Beauty411What is one strong makeup trend
you're seeing now?  

Kim:  Women love a warm, soft color on
the cheek versus an overly bright cheek or no color at all. To create
that look, use Illuminating Bronzing Powder, a soft blush color, or
a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick.  

Beauty411:  Could you share a makeup tip or
technique with readers? 

Kim:  For medium to full coverage, always
use two different formulas of complexion products: A liquid base, and
a creamier, denser product. 

Starting with your liquid formula,
apply an even application all over the face using a foundation brush.
It’s important to use a brush when you want medium to full coverage.
Your fingers sheer out the formula, and a sponge will soak up too much
of the liquid.  

Once the liquid formula is applied,
press and tap a cream-based product (like the Bobbi Brown Face Touch
Up Stick, Foundation Stick, or concealer) onto the areas where you need
more coverage, such as over any redness around the nose, and onto blemishes,
scars, sunspots. To blend, gently tap the product with your finger or
sponge. Do not rub or sweep the product into the skin, as this will
remove the product and take away the extra coverage. 

To set your coverage, apply powder
using a powder puff or powder brush first to your t-zone, and then onto
the areas that require extra coverage.  To maintain an all-day flawless finish,
carry a concealer or the Face Touch Up Stick and a powder compact for
quick, on-the-go touch-ups. 

Beauty411:  If we peeked into your makeup bag,
what beauty products would we find?  

Kim:  I have four different “beauty bags”   [Editor's Note:  A woman after my own heart!]

1) My collection of personal makeup.
What would you find inside? Loads of lipstick colors for my different
moods, different foundation formulas and shades for any type of condition
my skin will be in and of course- Rose Shimmer Brick- my favorite! 

2) My professional kit; What would
you find inside? Every single product that Bobbi carries in palettes,
jars and compacts! 

3) My everyday makeup kit: What would
you find inside?  My 6-pan eye and cheek palette, my face palette filled
with corrector/concealer/foundation, Bronzer, Pale Pink Blush, Pink
Brightening Gloss, Blonde Brow Gel, Black Gel Liner, Black Everything
Mascara, Smoke Lash Glamour Mascara, Skin Foundation, Hydrating Eye
and Face Creams, Face Touch Up stick, Pale Yellow Powder compact and
of course, Rockstar eyeshadow- my latest favorite! 

4) My on the go kit: A great makeup
application should last all day and not need any touch ups other than:
your undereye concealer, your blush and lipcolor and if you have a blemish
you may need to re-cover.  Sooo…..what would you find inside? 
I carry with me:  my mini-face palette of corrector/concealer/touch up
stick, a Rose Shimmer Brick and Pink Brightening Gloss- that’s it!

Beauty411:  Kim, thank you so much for participating in Beauty Bylines™  and sharing your knowledge with us and giving us a peak into your work on the Bobbi Brown Team!  It's so interesting to get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into Fashion Week preparation and the creative process.  And I love the foundation tip you shared with us.  Note:  the products in Kim's makeup bag(s) can be found at

Kim Soane has over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. For
the last seven years she has worked exclusively for Bobbi Brown
Cosmetics training and coaching artists around the world. As the
manager of artistry for the brand, Kim is responsible for
developing the artistry skills of the Bobbi Brown Beauty Team, a select
group of makeup artists hand-pi.jpegcked by Bobbi to represent her at
events, and writing and teaching artistry workshops throughout the US.
Kim regularly works alongside Bobbi Brown at New York Fashion Week
and has helped create the looks for top designers including Oscar de la
Renta, Carolina Herrera, Anne Klein, and Charles Nolan to name a few.
She has done the makeup for celebrities including Kylie Minogue, Tory
Burch and Billie Jean King. Print credits include O Magazine, Elle Spain, Town & Country, Seventeen and People.  Kim is also leading workshops for the new Bobbi Brown Makeup Artistry Program at Emerson College in Boston.

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