As we age, our skin starts to show the cumulative effects of sun damage–sun spots and photodamage, but other conditions can cause hyperpigmentation, too.  New Lumixyl™ is a non-irritating peptide cream that has been created to help treat hyperpigmentation, even if caused by Melasma, systemic disease or prescription drugs.

Lumixyl™ is a synthetic peptide cream clinically proven to significantly improve the appearance of dark spots, discolouration and overall skin tone.  Lumixyl™, which was developed as an alternative to hydroquinone, can be used alone or in combination with retinoids or other physician-directed treatments. Lumixyl™ works by inhibiting or reducing tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin in the skin.

I had read about Lumixyl™ and was anxious to try it on a couple of areas of hyperpigmentation on my face.  I’ve been working tediously to lighten them, but it’s been slow and frustrating.  I’ve been applying a pea-sized amount of Lumixyl™ twice daily to my face for about the past 8 weeks and while the areas of sun damage aren’t completely gone, they are lighter.  I’m encouraged to stay with it and continue treating for another 2-3 cycles, which literature suggests may offer improved results.

I haven’t experienced any irritation the from Lumixyl™.  When using this or any other lightening product, you should make sure to apply a sunscreen daily, to prevent future sun damage from occurring.

For more information on Lumixyl™, including locating a dispensing physician or to access clinical data, check out the website at  Lumixyl™ retails at $120 per 1 oz. and can be purchased online at


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