Johnny Weir has never been the sort of figure skater that follows a predictable path.  He has always played by his own rules in a sport that can sometimes be cruel to anyone who veers from the script.  In the world of figure skating, it's not enough to be able to land a triple axle.  Program composition includes everything from music and costume selection to makeup. 

We're thrilled that 2010 Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir recently shared his thoughts on everything from makeup to skincare with Beauty Bylines™. Because when it comes to makeup, Johnny Weir has very definite opinions on his favorites! 

Beauty411:  Makeup
contributes to the overall "look" of your costume and the story
you're trying to tell. 
Do you work with a makeup artist to help achieve a certain look as you develop
a program? What is that process like?

Johnny Weir:  Joey Camasta
from M•A•C NYC gives me so many amazing techniques and ideas when he
does my makeup.  He is a true master of his craft as a makeup artist.  I usually
tell him what the story is behind my performances and he helps me evolve my
look, even if it’s just changing the color of my bronzer.

Beauty411:  How much makeup
do you have and what do you store it in it for travel purposes?

JW:  I am such a
bulk buyer so I usually have about three pounds of make-up at all times. 
Make-up is only fresh for about six months so after that time I always throw it
away and I get new brushes every year and of course I sanitize them after every
use.  When I travel I keep all my make-up in a beautiful Louis Vuitton makeup
case that I got as a gift from a fan in Japan.  It is a wonderful little case. (Ed. note: I totally agree! That LV makeup case is gorgeous!)

Beauty411:  What are some of
your tried and true products that hold up to the demands of a figure skater?

JW:  I think the
first important thing to remember is that you must wash and moisturize twice a
day and change your regimen between day and night.  I use amazing face washes
and moisturizers from Ren and great eye creams from Helena Rubenstein and Cle
de Peau and for really dry areas that come from always working in the cold, I
use La Crème from Cle de Peau.  It smells amazing.  To refresh my skin I always
use Shu Uemura’s Depsea face water in mint. 

I’d say the one
constant daily beauty essential I have though is M•A•C’s blot
, you can be shine free and camera ready in two seconds, which is
important for me while I’m shooting my own reality show, “Be Good
Johnny Weir.”

Beauty411:  How long does it
typically take to apply your makeup before a competition?

JW:  Before a
competition I use my makeup and hair preparation as a de-stress period.  I turn
on some trashy movie or series and get myself together.  I usually take an hour
to get ready, but I know I could do it in ten minutes if need be.  I enjoy the
process of makeup and going from normal Johnny to glam Johnny, so I elongate it
as much as possible.  Sometimes it’s hard to apply things evenly if
you’re already shaking with nerves for the competition!

Johnny Weir will be competing in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver in the Men's Figure Skating event starting February 16th. As a three-time U.S. National Figure Skating Champion and World Medalist, Johnny Weir is one of the superstars of figure skating. You can also catch Johnny in the Sundance Channel original documentary series, BE GOOD
JOHNNY WEIR, which airs Mondays at
10:30pm EST.  A special thank you to Heather Park of MAC Global Communications, who helped facilitate this interview. 


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