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JolieMD Metamorphosis is a new skincare line created for women of all ethnicities as a way to achieve brighter, healthier skin, without the need of
a prescription.  Created by Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeons Dr. Peyman Solieman and Dr. Jason Litner with input from former beauty editor and author Nadine Jolie, Jolie MD is a brand that is both feminine and highly effective.

works to even pigmentation, reduce redness and diminish
fine lines and wrinkles, all while helping to prevent new discoloration
that can arise as a result of acne, inflammation and sun damage.

I was anxious to try this line because of the unique "poly-acid" approach. There are Alpha hydroxy acids ("fruit" acids) used in the
Metamorphosis Softening Serum, which mainly act as exfoliants and can improve skin
tone and texture while fighting the effects of photoaging. Beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid), exfoliates and works to prevent acne triggers. The addition of an amino acid complex (Arginine) is important because it helps to lessen irritation.

The Metamorphosis Enlightening Lotion uses a blend of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and melanin inhibitors to treat existing skin discoloration and inhibit new pigment production without the use of hydroquinone. Niacinamide and Glucosamine plus skin brighteners work to treat and prevent hyperpigmentation.

In my use, I found Jolie MD Metamorphosis to be a strong and effective skincare regimen. In using the line for approximately 4 weeks, I noticed improved texture, softer and more radiant skin. My skin does feel "tighter". As far as reducing hyperpigmentation, I don't feel like I've used it long enough to see a significant difference, as I'm constantly treating areas of hyperpigmentation.  I like the fact that Jolie MD Metamorphosis is a two-step, simple and straightforward approach to skincare.

For best results, the products are applied to clean skin at nighttime only, starting first with the Softening Serum, then waiting 5-10 minutes and applying the Enlightening Lotion. Because these products are strong, make sure to do a patch test first. If
you have dry or sensitive skin, use the serum on alternate nights,
increasing to nightly use as tolerated.  If you experience excessive
dryness or peeling, reduce use of the serum for a few nights.  Lastly, the use of a daily sunscreen with this type of regimen is essential.

Jolie MD Metamorphosis retails at $96 for both products and is available for purchase at


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