Archipelago has recently launched the Private Reserve Candle and Diffuser Collection; a line with a dramatic look and sensory experience that will thrill even the most discerning
fragrance lover. 
Each scent is a favorite of one of the owners/fragrance creators, based on their own, private collection of personal blends and is cleverly
labeled with the original lab number and “fragrance name”.

The Private Reserve soy candles features stylish black glass, grey wax
and striking graphics that play up the L.A. roots of the brand. I love the hip look and contemporary feel to this home fragrance collection; it gives a "cool" vibe the minute you see it. I had the opportunity to try the LUST candle and found it to be not only appropriately named and gorgeous to look at, but the fragrance is sexy and a little dangerous, too. 

The Private Reserve Collection is available in five scents in both candles ($29.50) and diffusers ($48): Lust, Leather, Zest, Stem and Grass.  Definitely a collection to try if you like candles with high quality fragrance that don't look like every other candle that you find in the mall.

The Archipelago Private Reserve Collection is available at


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