Degree Women Natureffects is a new line of anti-perspirants/deodorants and matching body mists.  Not the sexiest beauty arsenal to write about, right?  To get beauty editors' attention, the brand has come up with a very creative campaign based on the five senses.

Each week I have a received a delivery of something to correspond with one of the five senses that ties in with the new Natureffects line.  For taste, I received a delicious little coffee cake, flavored with orange and olive oil. For sight, I received a pair of sunglasses. This week, the focus is on the sense of smell. 

Degree Women Natureffects has done research on how bringing nature into your home lowers stress and makes you happier.  In fact, 88% of women surveyed, agreed. What better way to bring the outdoors in, than to stimulate the sense of smell with a bouquet of flowers? 

But not just any bouquet: the floral notes in the bouquet I received correspond to the elements of the Degree Women Natureffects line, including olive leaf, orange flower, honeysuckle and tea tree oil.  Plus, the flowers came on one of those days where I really needed a little "outdoorphin stimulation"!  

If you need a little inspiration to bring a little touch of nature into your own life, pick up that bouquet of flowers for yourself.  Or…next time you're out shopping, look for the new Degree Women Natureffects line and infuse a touch of nature into your daily grooming routine!

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