When I think of summer makeup and bronzers in particular, the Guerlain Terracotta Collection always comes to mind. For Summer 2010, Guerlain has added new products to keep the line current.  Every season, Guerlain gives me another reason to add to my bronzer collection…and I can never resist. There's no doubt that this Collection makes Guerlain the go-to brand for bronzing.

The Guerlain Terracotta Collection for Summer 2010 includes:



Terracotta 4 Seasons                      
The perfect gradation of caramelized tones, Terracotta 4 Seasons
features four wonderfully matte shades to blend together and match
every skin tone and season for an authentic tan and an incredibly
natural result. Available in two shades, 01 Blondes and 02 Brunettes. $74.00


Terracotta Light (Limited Edition)                      
Based on the Meteorites compact, this legendary iridescent bronzing powder is reinvented for spring/summer 2010 and features five iridescent shades to adorn the complexion with an intense sunny glow. The first two intensify, the next two warm, while the last one adds a final touch of light. Perfection. Available in two shades, 01 Blondes and 02 Brunettes.  $50.00 **


Terracotta Gloss (Permanently Available)                    
The perfect alliance of beauty and lip care Terracotta gloss is light and creamy, melt-away and comfortable, delicious and not sticky; truly the ideal texture for summer lips. Contains antioxidants and SPF 15.  Available in six shades.  $30.00


Terracotta Fard Metal Eye Shadow & Liner (Limited Edition)         
This elegant retractable metallic pen with its brown and gold design encloses a fine and silky potion. Slightly creamy with perfect glide, the eye shadow/liner formula glows with light. In two shades, 01 Blondes and 02 Brunettes. $35.00


Terracotta Khôl (Limited Edition)                       
Guerlain’s legendary kohl is the promised land for enchanting and enigmatic eyes. For summer, the eyes slip into a halo of mystery, deep, enchanting brown with a perfect matte finish, for unmatched intensity.
Available in one shade, Mirage. $35.00


Terracotta Touch      
Terracotta Touch is the first highlighter in Guerlain’s cult favorite Terracotta collection.  Available in two  shades, 01 Blondes and 02 Brunettes, this pen highlighter uses pure gold pigments to add radiance. $ 40


Terracotta Teint D’Ailleurs          
Terracotta Touch is the first tinted moisturizer in the collection. Enriched with Guerlain's Tan Booster Complex and SPF 10, Teint D’Ailleurs comes in two shades, 01 Blondes and
02 Brunettes. $ 46

The Guerlain Terracotta Collection for Summer 2010 is available now at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora,, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman.

**Terracotta Light image credit to Charu of Butterfly Diary.

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