Lumene's latest moisturizer, ExCELLent future Deep Repairing Day Cream, uses innovative natural stem cell technology to treat, prevent and delay skin damage caused by aging and environmental factors.  Let's talk about what makes this day cream unique.

By protecting skin's stem cells via a formulation called ApplexcellTM, a modern stem cell extract and Arctic white peat, ExCELLent future Deep Repairing Day Cream helps to promote the skin's ability to repair itself.  Other creams utilizing this technology cost many times more, so this is a great value.

What I like about this day cream is that it's light, absorbs easily into the skin and contains over 85% natural ingredients. I like the silky texture on my skin and really like the fact that it isn't a heavy moisturizer.  I do wish it contained a sunscreen.  Other products in the line include a night time moisturizer, an eye cream and a serum.

Lumene ExCELLent future Deep Repairing Day Cream retails at $29.99 and can be purchased at CVS, Ulta, Target and Sears.


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