When you shop for beauty products, are you most comfortable with an in-store experience where you can feel, smell and test the products?  Or are you one of the millions that are turning to your TV for in-home shopping, which is convenient and can be done while you're multi-tasking? 

ShopNBC, a television shopping channel, is kicking off it's very first Beauty Discovery Week tonight, Friday, April 23rd at 10:00 pm EST with "Beauty Confidential". During this event, you can expect to see 40+ new product debuts! 

I was sent a sampling of some of the beauty brands carried on ShopNBC, which include Elizabeth Grant, Isomers, Senna, Vapour Organic Beauty and Janson Beckett.  If you like palettes, check out the Skinn Cosmetics "Little Black Book of Looks" (C91134); your makeup drawer in a 3" by 6" case that you can throw in your purse, drawer or gym locker.

Tune in to the ShopNBC Beauty Discovery Week tonight through Wed. April 28th; check for more information.


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