AVEENO® AGELESS VITALITYTM  Elasticity Recharging System is a new two-step anti-aging solution that utilizes advanced technology to improve the appearance of the eye area.  The technology made recent news at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting held recently. 

The science behind AVEENO® AGELESS VITALITYTM  Elasticity Recharging System uses a blend of naturally charged biominerals–zinc and copper and active naturals–Blackberry Leaf Extract and Dill, that when combined, work like miniature batteries to help jumpstart and reassemble elastin fibers that have broken down over time.  This helps to encourage the skin to become more firm and increase elasticity.

The box contains 4 small tubes (use one per week) of Biomineral Concentrate and 1 larger tube of Revitalizing Eye Cream. The Biomineral Concentrate is a gray gel that is applied under and around the eyes first.  It seemed a little weird for me to add something gray to the already dark circles, but you add the Revitalizing Eye Cream on top of that and massage in. 

The result? I can tell you in the month that I've been using AVEENO® AGELESS VITALITYTM  Elasticity Recharging System, I've had great results.  I've been impressed with the appearance of my overall eye area, seen improvement in dark circles and have a more rested look. The only downside is the two-step system (I'm all about just apply and go), but in my mind, the improvements I've seen are well worth two steps.

AVEENO® AGELESS VITALITYTM  Elasticity Recharging System retails at $39.99 and is available in drug and discount stores.  You can learn more and get $15.00 savings by going to www.aveeno.com.


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