Bioelements professional skin care announces the new All Things Pure™ line, four products with all-natural ingredients.  The Bioelements professional skin care line has always featured products with organic and natural ingredients, but it also utilized the best high-tech ingredients, including cosmeceuticals.  The new All Things Pure line eliminates science-based lab ingredients in favor of purely natural ones.

The four products in the Bioelements All Things Pure™ line include:

  • ALL THINGS PURE™  CLEANSER – Lathering facial wash formulated with natural clay to unearth pore-clogging impurities. Soap and sulfate-free.
  • ALL THINGS PURE™ EYE OIL – Emollient-rich blend of organic plant and essential oils carefully balanced to help strengthen the skin’s barrier layer and conserve natural moisture.  Can be used around eyes or on entire face.
  • ALL THINGS PURE™ SCRUB – Curative Chinese grains blended into certified organic oils scrub away dead, dulling cells.  The grains then melt into surface skin layers releasing nourishing and exfoliating extracts.
  • ALL THINGS PURE™ MOISTURIZER – Smoothing moisture cream blends organic emollients with plant nutrients to lock-in hydration and create the ideal environment for healthy, younger-looking skin.

I had the opportunity to try the products in the new Bioelements All Things Pure™ line.  Each product is packaged in glass for maximum freshness and recycling. What I really like and respect about this line is that the box lists ALL ingredients, along with their purpose, on the side of the box.  That means you won’t find a bunch of fine print at the bottom, in language only a cosmetic chemist could understand.

Of the four products, my favorites are the Scrub and Moisturizer.  The Scrub does not damage skin with harsh abrasives and it leaves skin soft, clean and glowing. There is oil in the scrub, but it didn’t cause my skin to break out or become irritated. The Moisturizer has a light, almost whipped texture, yet with ingredients like Sunflower Seed Oil and Shea Butter, is nourishing and hydrating.

The Cleanser works fine, but I would have liked smelling something other than the natural clay.  And the Eye Oil, while nourishing at night, made makeup application a little challenging.

If you like a simpler, more natural, approach to your skincare, then Bioelements All Things Pure™ might be a line you’d like to try.  You can get more information and purchase the line at


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