Illamasqua, the cult beauty
brand from the U.K., is known for it's intense colors and dramatic look. Not for the shy, this is big-time bold makeup.  When it first launched in the US back in October, I was curious about the line, but thought it might be a little too showy for me. 

I recently had the opportunity to try Anja, a turquoise powder eye shadow ($24) and found that it was not too showy at all. I tried Anja as both an eye shadow (on the lid) and as an eye liner.  This shade is a gorgeous pick for summer.  I paired this with many different colors of eye shadow and found it to be very versatile; it also made a nice liner.  The rich color glides on and I was impressed with the level of pigmentation in the formula.

Fervent, which is a metallic Pure Pigment powder ($24) is also really versatile.  You can use a Pure Pigment as an eye shadow or a highlighter for eyes, cheeks or wherever you want intense sparkle payoff. Fervent reminds me of what we used to call "Fool's Gold".  I love the container that this pigment comes in, too.  Unlike the MAC pigment jars, which are open at the top, the Illamasqua container is sealed off, except for a peel-off protector, which helps to contain the product.  

Illamasqua is available at Sephora, and  The Summer Collection, Body Electrics (pictured above), is out now.


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