Have you ever wondered how celebrities get that perfect, flawless finish to their makeup? It’s probably the result of a makeup artist using an airbrush system.  Now, thanks to home systems, you can airbrush your makeup, too. I was given the opportunity to try the Luminess Air Pro Beauty Airbrush Makeup System recently and am glad I did.  Read on for my thoughts.

The Luminess Air Pro Beauty Airbrush System that I tested came in a silver case containing a compressor, stylus, instructional DVD, 4 shades of foundation so that you can “custom blend” your perfect shade, a primer, blush, bronzer and luminizer.  Before starting, I completely read the instruction booklet and watched the techniques demonstrated on the DVD.  I then selected my shade of foundation (Ultra-Fair 3, which looks to be a light-medium), filled the stylus to the correct level….and nothing.  I rechecked everything to make sure I had followed the directions exactly (I did).  It appeared that I had a defective stylus.

I contacted the PR represenative that had sent out the system and within days I had a new stylus.  Much better!  I will say that there is definitely an art to airbrushing and it takes patience and perseverance to get a truly good result.  Because the foundation is water-based, I found that using the primer gave more “grab” to the formula and helped achieve a better finish.

Overall, I liked the results I obtained, and the fact that you can custom blend your own foundation color, but to be honest,  it’s a time issue for me.  I definitely noticed that practice makes perfect and the better and more comfortable I get with airbrushing, the faster it goes.  But in reality,  I’d probably use airbrushing more for special occasions than daily makeup application.

The Luminess Air Pro Beauty Airbrush Makeup System retails at $295 and is available for purchase at HSN and LuminessAir.com.


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