MAC has given us a new, irresistable take on the feline mystique with the introduction of the Fabulous Felines Collection.  The collections were inspired by the colors and textures of three pedigreed cats–the chocolate lynx Burmese, the leopard-like ginger Ocicat and the artistocratic Russian Blue.  MAC translates that into Palace Pedigreed, Leopard Luxe and Burmese Beauty.

There are three colour stories at play within MAC’s Fabulous Felines Collection.  In Palace Pedigreed, you’ll see cool shades of grey, blue-violet and berry.  Leopard Luxe favors ginger, gold and dark chocolate hues while Burmese Beauty purrs with shades of sable, champagne and teak-olive.

Palace Pedigreed

Leopard Luxe

Burmese Beauty

The exciting new product in Fabulous Felines is the Superslick Liquid Eye Liner ($17.50).  I was sent a couple to try out (Desires & Devices, which is a sparkling dark green from Burmese Beauty and Marked for Glamour, which is grey with a pearlized finish from Leopard Luxe).  These eyeliners are amazing!

Application is a dream because of the design of the brush; go from a conservative eye look to a super sexy cat eye with a flick of the brush.  The formula is waterproof, long-lasting and comes in  9 different shades, 3 in each collection.  What I like is that after you apply, you have a little “play” time before the liner dries.  If you love a liquid eyeliner, definitely check these out!

MAC Fabulous Felines Collection is available now at MAC counters and at

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