philosophy has added to their miracle worker line with new anti-aging retinoid pads.  Simple and convenient, these pads make your anti-aging skincare routine easy.  The miracle worker anti-aging retinoid pad package comes with a bottle of retinoid solution and a jar of pads.  You open the bottle and pour the entire contents into the jar of pads and you’re set.

I’ve been using the philosophy miracle worker anti-aging retinoid pads and have been very pleased with their performance.   Each night, after cleansing, you swipe one pad around your face, being careful to avoid the eye area. The pads are made of a rather stiff fabric with a rough texture to provide additional exfoliation benefits.  With every application, I definitely feel a tingling sensation, but did not experience any irritation, breakout or skin sensitivity.

After using this product for approximately a month, I can see that the texture of my skin has improved.  These pads are so easy and convenient, if you don’t  like alot of steps in your skincare routine,  this one won’t add more than a few seconds.  As when using any retinoid product, be sure to apply a daily sunscreen.

philosophy miracle worker anti-aging retinoid pads come in a set that includes the solution and container of 60 pads, retailing at $70.  You can purchase this product at QVC,, Sephora.comand  Have you tried the philosophy miracle worker anti-aging retinoid pads?  What did you think?


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