In the past, if you wanted to experience professional-strength peels, you had to go to a medi-spa or skincare professional’s office. No more!  Advanced Home Actives has developed the Brazilian Peel Facial Resurfacing System; the first medical-strength 30% glycolic peel for at-home use.  It’s not only safe and gentle, but it’s 5x stronger than most other retail products.  Not only that, when you look at the contents of the box, it’s an ingenious system.

The Brazilian Peel Facial Resurfacing System contains 3 products;  a Smart Start Acai Glycolic Cleansing Cream that is applied as the first step.  Next are 4 dual-chamber syringes that contain the 30% glycolic solution.  One syringe is used per week for a total of 4 weeks.  Last, is a 30-days supply of Quick & Bright Booster Pads for maintenance.

So how does it work?  You start by applying the Cleansing Cream to prepare skin for the actual peel.  After rinsing, open one of the dual chamber syringes.  On one side is the peel, the other side is the neutralizer, which deactivates the glycolic acid in 10 minutes.  This dual-chamber delivery is important because it maintains the potency of the glycolic, while insuring safety.  Dispense the products into your hand–you’ll immediately feel it warming–and mix.  Then apply to your face.

After 10 minutes, the peel is rinsed off (be careful not to get in your eyes!) to reveal glowing skin without burning or irritation.  The Booster Pads can be used throughout the week to continue to treat your skin.

Personally, I love this system and like the fact that it is 4 weekly treatments.  Since I am constantly fighting hyperpigmentation, one way to effectively treat that condition is through the use of glycolic peels.  Yet I don’t want to use a product that doesn’t give results.  This at-home version is perfect. Over the course of the four weeks, you can expect to see anti-aging benefits like tightening, brightening and overall improved appearance of the skin.

The Brazilian Peel Facial Resurfacing System retails at $78 and is available at Sephora and


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