This time of year, getting healthy is a popular goal for many, myself included.  To start off right, I wanted to do a “cleanse” – to detox my system and fuel my motivation to start the year out taking better care of myself. At last fall’s Fashion Week, I received a gift card good for a one-day trial of the popular BluePrint Cleanse and decided to give it a shot.

I researched the BluePrint Cleanse options and selected the one for beginners, called Renovation. I knew Renovation was right for me when I read “my vegetable intake comes from ketchup”.  Perfect.

Prior to cleansing, you are sent emails that give you tips for success.  Before starting, it’s recommended you hydrate, eat lightly and prepare your body.  The day you receive your shipment, you are supposed to start the cleanse, but since my shipment arrived after I had left for work, I refrigerated the bottles and started the next morning.

Each day of the BluePrint Cleanse consists of a total of six juices, labeled in order of consumption.  They are:

  • Bottle 1:  A green juice, comprised of romaine, celery, cucumber, green apple, spinach, kale, parsley and lemon.
  • Bottle 2:  Pineapple, apple, mint
  • Bottle 3:  Another green juice – same as bottle 1
  • Bottle 4:  Tart and spicy lemonade
  • Bottle 5:  Carrot, apple, beet, ginger
  • Bottle 6:  Cashew nut with vanilla bean, cinnamon, agave

I won’t lie to you.  I knew this type of cleanse wasn’t going to be easy for me, since I’m so not a vegetable fan.  I was dreading the green juice;  I sipped on it and got about halfway through it before I knew I wasn’t going to make it.  I abandoned Bottle 1 and made a cup of herbal tea to settle my stomach down before restarting with Bottle 2.

Bottle 2 (pineapple, apple and mint) went down much easier, thankfully, although unlike the photo above, my bottle 2 was light green and tasted strongly of mint.  Next up was Bottle 3 (a repeat of Bottle 1 – the “green” juice).  Again….I tried. But I just couldn’t get this bottle down.  At the midpoint of the cleanse, I wasn’t feeling very successful.

Bottle 4 is the Spicy Lemonade flavor, consisting of water, lemon, agave nectar and cayenne.  Surprisingly, this went down well and I was back on track…until Bottle 5.  Bottle 5 is another “vegetable” blend; it tasted of beets.  I have to be honest.  I couldn’t finish it.  But finally, it was  time for Bottle 6.  I had read many reviews, all proclaiming Bottle 6 delicious and that is absolutely true.  No problems finishing the day with this one!

My overall impression of BluePrint Cleanse is that I think it’s a great tool to get back on track to a healthier lifestyle.  I wasn’t hungry the day I did my Cleanse and I really think that you feel re-focused and committed.  That part is good.  Selfishly I wish there were more flavors to choose from to design my own Cleanse.

More information on BluePrint Cleanse can be found at


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