Lancôme’s Aaron De Mey has colored the Spring 2011 Color Collection purple–or in French–Ultra Lavande.  This gorgeous collection is brimming with shades of violet and accents of silver and gold. For someone like me that loves purple, this collection is divine!

Highlights of the Lancôme Spring 2011 Ultra Lavande Color Collection include:

Butterflies Fever Compact:  The centerpiece of the collection, this blush is an ode to two iconic items of 70’s style: the bowtie and the butterfly.  In Glowy Ballerine, $40.

Ombre Magnétique:  Aaron De Mey has been inspired by Chez Régine’s in Paris, a famous night club known for its silver and gold mirrored walls.  The fusion between this innovative sprakling eye-shadow and the disco lights is ultra glamourous and captivating.  In three shades, Ultra-Lavande, Disco Gold and Disco Silver.  $25

Le Vernis in shades of Violet Groove  and Le 54 take purple passion to new heights.  Love this shade!  $19

French Touch Absolu:  This creamy and lightweight lipstick is the perfect complement to this colorful spring collection, $35.

The Lancôme Spring 2011 Ultra Lavande Color Collection is available at all Lancôme counters, boutiques and .


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