It’s time for my weekly Nutrisystem update.  This was my first full week on Nutrisystem and it’s actually been going pretty well.

When starting a major life change, there are always going to be adjustments.  And it’s interesting…the adjustments that I’ve made since starting Nutrisystem are the obstacles that I used as an excuse for not getting serious about losing weight just a few months ago.  It all comes down to my answering the question “how bad do you want it?”

For instance, since I drive long distances every day for work, one excuse was that I could never drink as much water as is required on a weight-loss program (at least 8 glasses of water).  It would disrupt my routine and take too long to stop. Well, I’ve been drinking my water–all of it!  Yes….it does mean more “stops” throughout the day, but I’ve realized that’s ok; I want this.

Another roadblock was the fact that I would be eating separate food from my husband.  And that I would have to carry a lunch.  Since starting this effort my husband has been planning his own meals — willingly — because he realizes that my getting healthier benefits him.

The point is, I’ve had to re-examine some of the excuses I was making that were holding me back from taking control and making a committment to getting healthier and losing weight.  Nutrisystem has given me the tools to be successful; it’s up to me to do the work.  One of those tools I’m using is called the Mindset Makeover.  Each week you are introduced to 12 core skills related to successful weight control. The first week of the Mindset Makeover focuses on making a positive start and making sure you understand and follow the program.  This type of support will help me to reach my goal.

So how did I do this week?  I’m pleased to report I’ve lost 4 pounds, bringing total weight loss to 7 pounds since March 13th!

March is National Nutrition Month; if you would like to lose weight and get healthy, too, visit Nutrisystem today or call 888-853-4689 for more information.


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