Be prepared!  That is the theme of this week’s Nutrisystem Nation Update.  This week I had a a couple of unexpected meetings in my schedule that taught me the importance of planning your meals ahead and being prepared.

So far I’ve done really well adjusting my days to incorporate my Nutrisystem lifestyle.  I set aside some extra time in the morning to plan the day’s meals, making sure I account for getting all my fruits and veggies in. This week, I had an out of town business meeting on a Friday (which also means it’s Lent and I don’t eat meat).  It wouldn’t have been appropriate for me to bring in my own food, so I ordered a garden salad with fat free dressing.  No problem, right?

Wrong. The salad turned out to be very small and inadequate. I should have thought to bring one of the Nutrisystem bars with me, because by early afternoon I was already starving.  I was also dehydrated, since my manager didn’t purchase water for the meeting.  I had one bottle of water all day.  No wonder I had a headache!

The lesson I learned is that, although I do a good job when I’m in my day-to-day routine, I have to have a plan of action for when something unexpected comes up.  It will invariably happen again, but now I know that I will bring a Nutrisystem bar with me, some extra bottles of water and extra permissible snacks.  It was a good reminder that I will eventually be back “on my own” and I will need to have a strategy to deal with unexpected circumstances.

On the bright side, I’m still making progress on my Nutrisystem plan and this week I lost an additional 3 pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 10 pounds!

March is National Nutrition Month; if you would like to lose weight and get healthy, too, visit Nutrisystem today or call 888-853-4689 for more information.



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