This week I’d like to share one of the tools that Nutrisystem makes available to help you achieve success on your weight-loss program.  It’s the Nutrisystem App.  This diet app has made all the difference for me!

Like most people, I’ve had various degrees of success with dieting.  One tip that is consistently mentioned is that to really lose and keep off the weight, you need to write down what you eat.  A few years ago, I did Weight Watchers and the reason I signed up was to be able to use their online tools.  It turned out to be more cumbersome than it was worth and after 6 weeks, I dropped the program.

Nutrisystem has their own Smartphone App that I installed on my iPhone and it’s fantastic!  I can enter all the information that I need to track and log–daily water intake, weight, exercise, journal and of course, my food intake.  Nutrisystem makes the food-logging easy with “rolling” lists of the entrees.

One of the most helpful things is that you can enter something in your phone and it automatically updates your profile on the Nutrisystem website.  The other great benefit is that you can plan your meals at a glance, checking off how many vegetables you’ve eaten, your fruit, dairy/protein, etc.  I’m convinced that this App is one of the keys to my getting off to a great start on the program!

This week I lost an additional 1.5 pounds, making my weight loss total 15.5 pounds since March 13th!  If you would like to lose weight and get healthy, too, visit Nutrisystem today or call 888-853-4689 for more information.


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