The new Rescue Beauty Lounge Iconic/Ironic Collection for Spring 2011 is a study of contrasts.  Inspired by women not afraid to flaunt their individuality and have fun with fashion.  The idea of this fashion juxtaposition came to Ji Baek while she was at Fashion Week and she ran with it.

So where does the “Ironic” inspiration come from?  That’s where Ji proves that she’s a force all of her own.  The “irony” comes from pairing an unexpected nail polish color with your look-of-the-day.  You don’t go to Rescue Beauty Lounge looking for nice, “safe” color choices (although they’re available).  You look to Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes because you like to experiment, take a walk on the wild side.

The colors in the Iconic/Ironic Collection are not what you’d associate with typical Spring Collection.  But they work.  In fact, they are gorgeous!

The four shades in the Rescue Beauty Lounge Iconic/Ironic Collection for Spring 2011 include:

  • Decorous – a light cocoa shade
  • Recherche’ – a purplish dark brown-prune; sophisticated
  • Insouciant – a toned-down gray lilac with a beautiful shimmer; stunning
  • Iconoclast – a richly pigmented ebony with layers of fine glitter


I purchased two of the four colors, Recherche’ (above left) and Insouciant (above right) which I have to confess, I can’t get enough of.  The formula of these nail polishes is amazing. Truly. The polish applies with ease, wears like iron and has a glossy finish even before you apply a top coat.  All the while with color payoff that is just beyond. Recherche’ has my heart–I take it off and immediately want to put it back on. Obsessed? Totally!

The Rescue Beauty Lounge Iconic/Ironic Collection for Spring 2011 is available online at  Shades retail at $18 each.  Have you tried Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish yet?  What did you think?  Let me know in the comments!



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