Clarins is known in the beauty world as making some of the best sunscreen and self-tanning formulas.  Clarins has added to their sunless tanning lineup with the introduction of Instant Smooth Self-Tanning, a skin-perfecting self-tanner for smooth skin and a natural looking tan.

I’m always hesitant to use a self-tanning product on my face; I’ve had my share of disasters.  As someone with fair to medium skin, it’s hard to find a product that gives you a golden bronze color without being too dark.  Clarins Instant Smooth Self-Tanning feels and applies like a makeup product.  It contains Acacia Micro-Pearls that trap moisture and help to fill in lines and wrinkles. Self-tanners that settle into lines and wrinkles lead to uneven color deposits–not pretty.

I’ve been using Clarins Instant Smooth Self-Tanning daily, applying it to my face and décolleté after moisturizing. I love the feel of this product and the fact that you only need a tiny bit. Instant Smooth Self-Tanning has a silky, light texture and it’s tinted, so you can see where you’re applying it.  Best of all, it’s scented with peach and almond notes, so you don’t get the DHA smell. I also like that it’s a gradual tan.  Once you’ve achieved your desired color, reapply every 2-3 days.

Clarins Instant Smooth Self-Tanning retails at $32.50 (1 oz. jar) and is available at Sephora, department stores and Clarins



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