Ready to hear about a game changer in the skin care category? La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion is 4-pack of youth infusions formulated to simultaneously treat the three key factors of aging: loss of energy, handicapped functionality of skin cells and weakened quality of the skin tissue.  Interested?  Read on…

Time out for a bit of a science lesson.  Factors that affect the rate and degree of aging are a loss of cellular energy or vitality, an accumulation of damage and a decline in the skin’s ability to heal itself.  Thus, La Prairie set out to make a product that would renew, reset and recharge skin in one infusion.

La Prairie developed unique ingredients like Skin Renewal Peptide to help activate the skin’s own system for mitochondrial DNA repair. Exclusive Cellular Complex helps stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process, moisturizing and energizing with nutrients that encourage optimal functioning. Phyto Stem Cell Extract, containing stem cell components from red grapes to protect epidermal stem cells, helps skin maintain its stem cell characteristics.  And Tissue Guidance Matrix, which supports the skin tissue.

So why the set of four bottles of Cellular Power Infusion? That’s because each of the four Cellular Power Infusion bottles should be used consistently, AM and PM, for 28-40 days. The system is somewhat customizable; your own skin texture and degree of need will determine the perfect use-up rate.

As the product is a reviver of essential functions, it is necessary to go through one complete cycle of skin renewal initially to balance the energy level, the cellular quality and tissue quality.  After the initial treatment, it is recommended that you repeat one complete Cellular Power Infusion cycle every three months, especially after seasonal changes or periods of excessive stress and travel.

The 411: I had an opportunity try one vial of La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion and at first I was stuck by the unusual appearance of the serum in the bottle. The serum is clear, yet in the middle of the bottle was a streak of blue-violet concentrate.  To use, you turn the base of the bottle until it clicks and the blue violet concentrate is then injected into the clear serum to form the infusion.  Cellular Power Infusion is applied twice daily to cleansed skin, prior to any other skin care product.

Because I test so much skin care, it’s rare that I say I’m hooked on something without seeing actual clinicals, but I can tell you from using one vial of Cellular Power Infusion that my skin looked amazing.  Radiant (glowing, actually), refreshed, improved texture and fine lines diminished.  Like I had been on a two-week vacation (I wish!).  Because it worked quickly and so well, I can really see the value of using this a couple times a year to turbo-charge your skin care regimen.  I’m already saving to purchase the set.

La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion retails at $475 for four .26 oz. bottles.  La Prairie is available at Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus,, Saks Fifth Avenue and


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