Have you ever been to a Disney park and and noticed the fresh smell? I believe it’s the smell of pixie dust and magic. And now, the Disney Store is launching a new fragrance collection; a captivating array of scents and associated products, each inspired by some of Disney’s most timeless and beloved characters and stories. Imagine bringing that fresh smell into your home!

There will be three different collections available  – Imagination (which I tried),  Magic, featuring Mickey Mouse and launching in July and Pixie Dust, inspired by Tinkerbell and launching this fall. 

Imagination, the signature fragrance used throughout the newly designed Disney Store, is described as an enchanted forest of sequoia trees, cool moss and green leaves. Inspired by the trees that line the route of the magical path within the new stores, it’s definitely a fresh, green scent.


Magic, an unforgettable blend of icy blue mint, rich chocolate and invigorating sea spray, epitomizes the adventure of Disney and all that is Mickey Mouse.

Pixie Dust, a shimmering scent of citrus sorbet, candied fruits and summer rain, is the fragrance inspired by Tinker Bell. It’s the fragrance one could imagine floating through the air as Tinker Bell showers the earth with her Pixie Dust, causing nature to blossom.

I tried the Imagination line, which includes a candle ($19.50), a room spray ($16.50), a body lotion ($12.50) and liquid hand soap ($12.50).  The packaging is a bright green with pink trees and leaves and elegant gold lettering on the box.  The candle feels weighty and substantial.  Each of the products in the Imagination line smelled lush and fresh and are made to look high end…no need to hide them! This line is perfect for the Disney fan that wants to bring the “magic” into the home.

The Disney Store Imagine Fragrance Collection launches this month in Disney Stores nationwide.  Are you a Disney fan? Will you be on the lookout for this line? Let me know in the comments!



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