It’s going to eventually happen.  You’re cruising along on your weight-loss program and all of a sudden….nothing. That’s exactly what happened to me last week.  I was bummed, but I got some great ideas on how to break a stall from a Nutrisystem “coach”. Read on for the details….

There are various reasons that a plateau or a stall occurs in a weight-loss program.  I won’t get into all the technical reasons here. It’s frustrating that you work so hard and turn to the scale expecting the payoff and you get a big “0” for the week.  In order to break through the plateau, the advice given to me was to change things up.  Swap out the Nutrisystem meals I was eating for dinner and have them for lunch; have the lunch meals for dinner.

I also made little adjustments like trying to increase the amount of water I was drinking, trying some different fruits and vegetables and in general, just vary the routine. What I didn’t do was get discouraged and get a “what does it matter?” mindset. I’m happy to report that this week, I lost 1.4 pounds, bringing my weight-loss total since March 13th to 25.4 pounds.

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