When choosing what skin care products to review, I go with products that have not only great ingredients, but also clinical studies and the latest technology.  SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum™ is one of those products that has the complete package. Read on for more.

TNS Recovery Complex is a combination of human growth factors, cytokines, antioxidants and matrix proteins in a gel + lotion formulation. Growth factors are proteins that affect the growth and activity of cells. The thought is that this unique formulation encourages skin to “repair itself”. TNS Essential Serum™ comes in a dual chamber dispenser–one chamber contains TNS Recovery Complex, the other side contains APS Corrective Complex™;  a lotion with a potent mixture of three novel peptides and seven antioxidants.

When you apply TNS Essential Serum, you press the pump, which dispenses equal amounts of TNS Recovery Complex and APS Corrective Complex™.  I applied by dispensing one pump to the back of my hand, mixing the formulas together and applying to skin.

I’ve been using TNS Essential Serum™ twice daily for the last 4-6 weeks and am really impressed with it. One of the main benefits that I can see is in improvement of overall skin tone.  I also saw improvement in skin texture. I haven’t seen a signficant effect on skin damage yet, but that takes time.  I’m also going to start using TNS Essential Serum™ on my neck and décolleté, where I need firming and sun-damage correction.

In a clinical study performed by SkinMedica, 89% of respondents using TNS Essential Serum™ twice daily for three months reported showing statistically significant improvement of their fine lines and wrinkles, skin radiance and elasticity and overall skin damage.  SkinMedica is a company that believes in research and innovation in their aesthetic products line. I’m totally on board with this line!

SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum™ retails at $260 for 1.0 oz. and is available through a network of licensed physicians and medically supervised spas. Visit www.skinmedica.com for locations.




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