It’s no secret that I love skin care, so when I had the opportunity to interview Dr. David Colbert, director of the New York Dermatology Group, I was thrilled.  Dr. Colbert gives us the 411 on skin care, if those cellulite creams really work, the latest in anti-aging treatments  and what you should ask before getting Botox or fillers.  The Doctor is in…read on for more…

Beauty411:  Should your skin care routine change based on the season?

Dr. Colbert: Skin care should be seasonal! In the summer, we want light lotions or creams that don’t occlude or block our pores.  Washing in the summer often requires a more potent cleanser because we perspire and break out.  If you’re prone to breakouts, use a benzoyl peroxide wash low strength.

In the fall and winter we need heavier creams to reduce water loss from the skin. Evaporation is what leads to dry, flaky winter skin. Winter is all about gentle cleansing to minimize over-stripping of our natural oils.

Choose a sunblock that is light and feels normal on your skin. In general, common sense rules. You wouldn’t do a heavy thick cream in the summer nor should you scrub too hard in the winter or use harsh drying products. Listen to your skin. If you start peeling or cracking, stop everything and go back to gentle products. Most anti-aging products are somewhat stimulating and therefore can dry you out. The secret is to combine regimens and not be afraid to add a cream or oil if you’re feeling super dry.

Beauty411:  Being as it’s summer, can “anti-cellulite” products really get rid of cellulite?

Dr. Colbert: It’s summer now and anti-cellulite creams may help a tad, but not much. Better to consider Fraxel with your derm. Creams moisturize the surface of the skin and give it a transient plumping -but not a real cure for cellulite. We’ve seen moderate results with the Fraxel laser. Models often use Dermablend to camouflage cellulite.

Beauty411:  What are the latest anti-aging treatments that are effective?

Dr. Colbert:  Fraxel is probably the newest laser and most effective. It has little downtime and can erase a decade of sun damage if you do a series of 3 or 4 treatments. It evens pigment, shrinks pores, tightens the skin, and creates creamy new collagen.  Chemical Peels are back in vogue.  Light beta-peels or fruit acid peels give great results if done monthly. They can rival any laser if done artfully and often.

Wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and pore shrinkage are all possible with diverse peeling agents including TCA (trichloroacetic acid and glycolic and salicylic acids).  Combination treatments are very popular and efficient. The TRIAD is a combination treatment consisting of: microdermabrasion along w laser toning and a flower acid peel. This is a favorite of Naomi Watts, Adriana Lima and Michelle Williams to get a red carpet glow. It renders new elastin fibers which give the skin a translucent look. [Memo to self:  must try this!]

Beauty411:  What questions should consumers ask before getting Botox or fillers?

Dr. Colbert:  Consumers should ask these questions before Botox and fillers:

  1. Is the doctor good with a syringe? Look around the waiting room. If everyone looks like they are related–run!
  2. Only a board certified dermatologist should be doing your fillers and Botox. Not your dentist, ob-gyn or radiologist or pediatrician. Derms have 4 years of special training that render us the providers of choice.
  3. What is right for me? Know your goals. Be realistic. If you have thin lips from high school go for a small amount of filler.
  4. Ask if the doctor does a lot of cases and ask to see pictures if they are available.
  5. For Botox start slow. Ask for a light touch and go back in 2 weeks to have it adjusted if needed.

Always proceed with caution and expect some bruising with fillers and Botox.  Neither product is perfect but results can be remarkable if done by a derm. with lots of experience and artistry. Tell your doctor of any infections, allergies or any condition that might affect your results.  Ask what product the Dr. intends to use and go online and do your homework before you schedule.

Dr. Colbert–great advice!  Thank you for helping us to be more informed about skin care treatments!

Note:  Before considering any of these treatments, it is best to consult with your Dermatologist to determine the appropriate and custom treatment for your needs.

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