Now that email seems to have taken over our life, it seems natural that we would look for ways to inject a little style and personality into our correspondence. That’s where MeebleMail comes in! MeebleMail offers fashionable e-mail stationery patterns to keep you on top of today’s stylish trends. Read on for more…

I’ve always had a thing for nice stationery and I often miss the fact that most people–myself included–rarely break it out and write letters any more. Instead, we email or use online card services to manage correspondence. MeebleMail offers a nice stationery option for email so you can jazz up your everyday emails or choose a business theme, perfect for emailing an after-interview thank you.

MeebleMail has an impressive list of design partners to pick from too, including Lela Rose, Trina Turk and R. Nichols. There are sorority designs and “cause” designs, from Breast Cancer Awareness to the Wildlife Conservation Society. In short, something for everybody. I played around on the site and found a couple of designs that I liked–one by Trina Turk and one from R. Nichols, who does the most delightful prints.

The 411: MeebleMail works with Mac and Windows® email clients including Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo!® Mail and costs $4.99 per design. You can personalize your email designs just like paper stationery with your name, monogram, address or a motif. Each pattern is yours to own for a year. You can even give MeebleMail as a gift! Get more info at

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