The Makeup Wakeup: Revitalizing Your Look at Any Age by Lois Joy Johnson and Sandy Linter, is a beauty book that gives women a new set of options and a fresh way to think about makeup. It’s a comprehensive primer on solving problems to today’s makeup challenges.  Read on for more….

The Makeup Wakeup gives real world solutions to challenges that women over 40 have with makeup.  Sandy Linter is a celebrity makeup artist and Lancome Beauty at Every Age Expert. Lois Joy Johnson a seasoned beauty editor.  Together, they deal with makeup realities and approach them from three angles:  Max out makeup potential without cosmetic surgery, max out makeup potential with surgical or dermatological options and solving specific beauty problems.  This isn’t a book about face charts–each chapter is a makeup lesson.  As if you were sitting in Sandy’s chair. Celebrities share some of their tips (and truths) too.

One other aspect of Makeup Wakeup that’s different from any other makeup “help” book I’ve read is Lois and Sandy’s discussion on cosmetic surgery.  Since this book is directed at women 40+, that’s today’s reality.  Women are considering plastic surgery and definitely considering or getting fillers. Makeup application needs to keep up, not stay the same. Lois and Sandy discuss makeup techniques to complement the work and also take a solution-oriented approach for when cosmetic surgery is not someone’s choice.

The Makeup Wakeup: Revitalizing Your Look at Any Age by Lois Joy Johnson and Sandy Linter (Running Press, $23) is a great addition to your library, especially if you enjoy learning more about no-nonsense makeup application and techniques. Find it at or your favorite bookseller.


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