When you’re dieting, do you log your food for the day?  I have never been able to do that consistently until now.  And I think that has made a huge difference in my being able to stick to the Nutrisystem plan.  Read on for more…

In the past when I’ve been on diets, one suggestion is to log or record your food intake for the day. I’ve never done that on a routine basis until now.  The daily food recording has made me more aware of what I’m eating, allowing me to see what I’m doing right and also show patterns that might be preventing me from doing better.

It’s not so much the tool you use–paper, computer or mobile app–that matters.  Use whatever works for you; I’ve found the Nutrisystem app to be really helpful. I’m really convinced that being diligent and recording my daily food and water intake has helped me to stay on the plan and get better results.


I feel much more accountable than I have been in the past and I think a large part of that is because I’m tracking my food. I’m paying more attention to calories (even though at this point I’m not counting calories–Nutrisystem has done that for me). I also believe that getting in the habit of using this tool will enable me to stay on track for the long term.  Thank you technology!

This week,  I’ve lost 1 lb., bringing my total weight loss since March 13th to 40 lbs. Yay! If you would like to lose weight and eat healthier, visit Nutrisystem online today (there are some great specials going on!)  or call 888-853-4689 for more information.



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