Checking in with my Weekly Nutrisystem Update; this week is about striking a balance.  Good advice regardless of the circumstance, but particularly as it applies to dieting and exercise.  Read on for more….

I’ve mentioned a few times that one of the biggest challenges for me, as part of my goal of achieving a healthier lifestyle is exercise.  With my crazy work schedule, it’s hard to find the time on a consistent basis.  So a few days ago, it was a beautiful day and since I had no appointments over the lunch hour, I thought I would use that time to go for a walk.  I was feeling really good about the motivation to incorporate exercise into my day.

It never occurred to me that I totally wasn’t prepared–I was in my regular work shoes.  I just knew I was determined to do 3 miles and walk for an hour. Afterwards, I had two of the biggest blisters on the bottom of my feet I had ever seen.  So….was the universe trying to tell me something?

My takeaway is this: I will definitely continue to look for the opportunity to walk over my lunch hour.  BUT, I will make sure that I keep a pair of walking shoes (and socks!) in my car. I learned the hard way that it was great to be motivated, but I should have thought through the situation and cut the walk short. Persevering for the sake of achieving the goal (3 miles/1 hour) meant I set myself back in the long run.

This week I lost 1 lb., which brings my weight loss so far to 46.5 lbs.  If you would like to lose weight and eat healthier, visit Nutrisystem online today or call 888-853-4689 for more information.  Have you had to re-think a goal for a more balanced approach?  Let me know in the comments!


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