One trend was evident at the recent Spring/Summer 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week…dewy skin is in.  In order to get that glow, you may need to change up some of the skincare products you’re using. The new By Elizabeth Dehn skin care line might be just what you need.

Elizabeth Dehn is a Minneapolis-based beauty writer and blogger who set out to create a line of all-natural skincare, with ingredients and formulas that deliver what they promise.  That’s a Midwestern sensibility, if you ask me!  The three-product line is indulgent, luxurious and sure to get you that dewy skin well in time for spring fashions.

The By Elizabeth Dehn Collection includes:

  • Face Spray – My favorite product of the collection.  It’s a great pickup for dull, dehydrated skin.  I spritz the Face Spray first thing in the morning before other skincare and in the evening.  It’s alcohol-free and has organic essential oils and antioxidants in it.  Love it!  $28
  • The Serum – This serum combines plant oils and essential fatty acids to restore moisture and elasticity.  You only need a drop to spread over your face.  I was worried that my combination skin might react to the oils, but no problems.  If you like an all-natural, lightweight serum, you might want to try this one.  $48
  • Shea Cream – This is a very concentrated, no-water-added, moisturizer.  Rich in Vitamin A, calendula and RoseHip Seed Oil, your face will drink this in.  This product will be perfect for me come winter, it was a little too much for the summer.  That didn’t stop me from slathering it on other dry areas, however, with great results!   $54

The other aspect of this line that I love is the packaging–you know I’m all about pretty and gorgeous on my bathroom vanity!  The By Elizabeth Dehn Collection comes beautifully wrapped and the bottles are weighty and feel substantial.  I really appreciate the care and thought that has gone into this line and am happy to say that I’m a fan.

By Elizabeth Dehn is available at and at select boutiques.


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