It’s hard to imagine the task that Thierry Mugler set for himself when he decided to create a new fragrance from the DNA of the popular Angel.  More than just a change of concentration, Angel Eau de Toilette is a distinct fragrance in it’s own right.  Yes, retaining some of Angel’s magic, but carving out it’s own place in the fragrance world.  Read on for more..

I have to say right up front that I remember when Angel launched (1992–I was working in Cosmetics). It was groundbreaking in the fragrance world, because Angel was the first oriental-gourmand fragrance.  It had that chocolate note in it and it seemed you either loved the fragrance or hated it.  Unfortunately, for me, it was not a love affair.  So I was intrigued at the prospect of trying this new fragrance, hoping it would be a less heavy composition and more wearable.

Angel Eau de Toilette is described as “Oriental—Gourmand—Powdery”; a new fragrance, definitely softer and more subtle than Angel. There are three “waves” as this fragrance unfolds.  The first wave, described as the Celestial wave, is airy and opens with Bergamot, red berries and a hint of pepper.  Next comes the Delicious wave, with “gourmand” notes of praline and berries.  Finally, the Voluptuous wave is the patchouli-vanilla accord, tempered by cedar and white musk.

The first time I sprayed the fragrance, I was cautious and pleasantly surprised.  I find Angel Eau de Toilette much easier to wear, lighter–yet a very long-lasting fragrance.  The bottle is gorgeous! It depicts a comet with a star at the top of the bottle.  Fronting the ad campaign for Angel Eau de Toilette is the stunning Eva Mendes.

Angel Eau de Toilette by Thierry Mugler retails at $67 for 1.4 oz. and $97 for 2.7 oz.  You can find Angel Eau de Toilette in department stores including Nordstrom and Sephora (stores and online), as well as at


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