One of the services that I learned about at Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory while I was in New York for Fashion Week was The Fresh Diet.  The Fresh Diet is a gourmet daily diet delivery service.  Nutritionally sound meals with the ultimate in convenience! Read on for more…

I was given the opportunity to try The Fresh Diet Premium Plan for two weeks, but since I live outside the service area, luckily my daughter in Chicago was able to step up and try it out.  Katy said that the setup was easy:  she went to The Fresh Diet website, entered her weight loss goal and was able to select 3 meals, 1 snack and 1 dessert from an extensive number of options. The meals are prepared by a Cordon-Bleu chef, so the quality and variety of the entrees is excellent. In addition, you are also able to indicate if there are ingredients that you don’t care for, so that if you select an entree with one of those ingredients, you get a popup warning. The calorie range she was given was 1200-1400 per day.


The Fresh Diet delivers your food for the day in a well-insulated cooler and in Katy’s case, it was on her front doorstep by 6:00 am every morning.  She would remove her entrees and then return the cooler to the doorstep, where it would be exchanged the following morning.


Each entree is labeled for reference and individually packaged. A recent day included the following menu:  For breakfast, ricotta and apple crepes with strawberries. Lunch was a Philly steak wrap, dinner was chicken breast with whole wheat noodles and carrots.  She opted out of dessert that day, instead choosing two snacks, which were chicken pesto with stuffed mushrooms and pesto crostini. What impressed me is the variety of options and also, the fact that she didn’t have to repeat entrees, therefore she wasn’t bored.

This type of diet plan is perfect for someone with a busy lifestyle or career that might not have the time to devote to menu planning for a weight loss program.  In addition to the convenience and flexibility, the other big benefit that I see is portion control.  So many times we sabotage our weight-loss efforts because of not measuring or “guesstimating”.  In this case, it’s all perfectly figured out for you.

Overall, Katy was really pleased with The Fresh Diet experience, loving the convenience and flexibility of the plan.  You can get more information on The Fresh Diet including pricing and availability in your area, by going to the website


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