Even with all of the product testing that I do, it’s easy to get into a makeup rut.  Same look, every day, little variation.  This is especially true because it’s usually about 5:30 am when I do my makeup…hard to be thinking clearly at that hour, much less be creative!  Read on for more…

A fellow beauty gal was feeling that way, too and decided to start a makeup challenge–a different look every day through 12/31/11.  I was inspired by her idea and joined in–as have quite a few others.  Every day, we post either a photo of the makeup we used for the day or a photo wearing the look.  You can find the 2011 Makeup Challenge by searching the hashtag #2011MUC on Twitter.  There’s also a Tumblr where people are sharing.

Check it out, join if you’d like…be inspired! We all have fabulous makeup, let’s use it!

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