Losing weight is such a weird phenomenon.  Sometimes it seems like you can lose and lose and lose and no one notices, then all of a sudden the light seems to go on and people want to know what you’re doing to lose weight.  Read on for more…

I’m always happy to share that I’m on Nutrisystem and when I do, the next question nearly always is “how is the food”?  I know I talked a little about the food in one of my first posts, but I thought I would share a few of my favorite entrees with you.

My very favorite breakfast item is the Ham and Cheese Omelette.  I could seriously eat one of these every morning. Nutritionally, it’s a fantastic start to the day, with 90 calories and 13 grams of protein.  Another plus…only a couple of minutes in the microwave!

For lunch, I am all about the Tuna Salad (120 calories, 13 grams of protein).  I’m on the road all day, so I most of the time, lunch is in my car.  The Tuna Salad comes in a pouch, so it’s very portable. Open the package, spoon it over a lettuce salad, add some fruit and I have a great tasting lunch.

For dinner, I definitely don’t feel deprived when I reach for Chicken Alfredo.  At 260 calories, 18 grams of protein, it’s filling, colorful and delicious.  Since there are already vegetables in this entree, I usually saute more veggies and add them in.

And dessert?  I have to say the Nutrisystem desserts are excellent.  My favorite is the Golden Pound Cake (160 calories), topped with fruit.  No way do you feel like this is diet food! And I should note, while I’m highlighting my favorites, I also am adding in fruit, vegetables and dairy/protein items to meet my nutritional requirements.

This week I lost 1 lb., for a total weight-loss of 57.2 pounds since March 13th.  If you would like to lose weight and eat healthier, this is a great time, as it’s Nutrisystem’s Fall Sale, featuring the lowest prices of the year! Visit Nutrisystem online today or call 888-853-4689 for more information.

Do you have any favorite “diet foods” that make it seem like you’re not on a diet?  Let me know in the comments!


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