How is your week going? This past week for me has been a killer…yes, even on Nutrisystem! I guess I’m a little spoiled because I’ve been pretty consistent and have been able to stay focused. But this week has been a challenge.

It’s always a struggle when I have out of town meetings for my job. High stress, hotel food, numerous breaks during the day…it all adds up. Add sleep deprivation–and did I mention stress? For me, all the elements of “diet derailment” are present and accounted for!

I tried to stay on track, but after the third day, I could tell I was losing the battle. So what could I have done differently? I did bring my Nutrisystem breakfast bars and lunch bars, however I didn’t use them consistently. I also was not regularly drinking water. And I think just the irregular schedule played into it.

I’m back home now and am back into my normal routine. This week, with all of the distraction, my weight stayed the same. And while I’m disappointed in myself, I’m ok with staying where I’m at (with a net loss of 58.8 lbs.). If you would like to lose weight and eat healthier, this is a great time, as it’s Nutrisystem’s Fall Sale, featuring the lowest prices of the year! Visit Nutrisystem online today or call 888-853-4689 for more information.

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