Nutrisystem has recently added a Celebrity Chef Culinary Council; a group of industry-leading chefs from around the United States tasked with advising Nutrisystem as they develop great tasting menus. As a Nutrisystem Nation blogger, I had the opportunity to preview three of the new Chef’s Table™ dinner entrees.  Read on for my thoughts…

The new Chef’s Table Dinner Collection Meals are part of the launch of the SUCCESS™ program, the Company’s most comprehensive weight loss program to date.  These meals all utilize a “steam and serve” microwave cooking method, which is quick, yet retains the color and flavor of the foods.  I’m all for that!


The first meal I tried was Moroccan Inspired Chicken, described as spiced white meat chicken, chick peas and toasted almonds with spinach and cinnamon bulgar wheat.  I am not an adventurous eater, so this meal was something I wouldn’t have picked on my own.  Lesson learned:  the chicken was flavorful, the meal was colorful and overall was very tasty.


The next meal I prepared was Whole Wheat Ricotta Crepes and I knew this would be an uphill battle because I am not a fan of ricotta cheese.  I tried to keep an open mind as I tasted this meal, but ultimately I needed to have my husband try it.  I will say that the tomato sauce was fresh tasting and much better than the tomato sauce in current meals. Hubby agreed; he also would have preferred there to be meat in this entree.


The last preview meal I tried was Citrus Barbeque Glazed Pork.  If you’re a fan of “heat” in your meals, this is one I’d definitely recommend.  Like the Moroccan Chicken, this meal was very flavorful and very spicy! There was a lot of sauce in this meal, which made the corn a little on the soggy side, but overall, big flavor payoff.

I’m really excited about the new SUCCESS program, which will include new meals, new chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and coffee advanced protein shakes (woohoo!) as well as a new physical activity (read: exercise) component. And how amazing is it that Janet Jackson will be the new face of the Nutrisystem brand!  She’s struggled, like all of us, with her weight, so I think she’ll be a great addition.

If you would like to lose weight and eat healthier, visit Nutrisystem online today—it’s a great time to get in control before the holidays!



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