Uneven skin tone, pigmentation problems or skin lacking radiance–these are common skin care concerns.  And I have to admit that almost every time I receive information on a new skin brightening product, I’m interested.  You, too?  Read on for my thoughts on REVALÉSKIN Illuminesse Brightening Complex

There are several ways to help improve skin radiance or mild to moderate pigmentation problems, including the use of antioxidants.  REVALÉSKIN uses CoffeeBerry as the signature antioxidant in their products.  CoffeeBerry has been shown to be a strong antioxidant effective in anti-aging and hyperpigmentation treatments.

I tested REVALÉSKIN Illuminesse Brightening Complex for several weeks. It has a creamy texture that smells slightly like coffee. You apply it to skin after cleansing. I’ve had absolutely no irritation, burning or stinging with this product–in fact, I’d say it was very gentle.  And it definitely has increased the luminosity and improved the dullness in my skin.

Illuminesse Brightening Complex contains 98% natural ingredients, including antioxidants Coffeeberry, Pomegranate Extract Grape Seed Extract and Bilberry Fruit Extract.  In addition, I like that there are skin lighteners, humectants and light-diffusing pearlizers to increase luminosity. Since this is an antioxidant treatment, you could use this product even if you didn’t have obvious sunspots, but just wanted to increase overall radiance.

REVALÉSKIN Illuminesse Brightening Complex retails at $70; visit www.revaleskin.com to locate a physician who offers the REVALÉSKIN line of products.  Do you feel like your skin could benefit from a brightening product?  Let me know in the comments!




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