SK-II Wrinkle Specialist is a new, targeted, anti-aging serum designed to hydrate and soften skin, which in turn reduces the appearance of wrinkles.  Read on for more…

Did you ever notice that dehydrated skin makes you look older?  It’s true–a perfect example of this is when you fly.  When you are on a plane, the air is not properly humidified, so your skin becomes dehydrated and imperfections like wrinkles are more apparent.

SK-II Wrinkle Specialist uses extreme hydration to soften skin and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in only 14 days. You notice the softness after just one use. But Wrinkle Specialist doesn’t just make your skin soft; it has SK-ll’s signature ingredient Pitera, along with Niacinamide, an antioxidant used to keep skin hydrated and improve the moisture barrier, Retinyl propionate, a milder, more tolerable form of retinoid used to increase collagen production and peptides, which improve the appearance of wrinkles and texture.

I was sent a sample of SK-II Wrinkle Specialist to try and definitely noticed the increase in softness in my skin.  Since I’m not a faithful moisturizer-user, my skin did benefit from using this product.  The long narrow tube allows for the product to be applied directly to better target areas with deep wrinkles. Apply to cleansed skin nightly and remember to use a sunscreen during the day.

SK-II Wrinkle Specialist Serum retails at $175 and is available at Saks, Nordstrom and at


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