I recently had the opportunity to experience one of the best facials I’ve ever had–that’s pretty major in my world! I was invited to experience a Skin Authority facial at the Kohler Waters Spa in Kohler, WI.  The Skin Authority skin care line has developed its products and treatments to deliver immediately visible results and lasting changes using the most naturally effective ingredients available.  Read on for more…

The Skin Restoration Facial that I experienced started out with my esthetician, Angela, performing a thorough examination of my skin.  This would help to determine the appropriate products to address skin concerns.  She cleansed my skin and then told me she would be applying a 35% Glycolic Acid solution to my face.  The purpose of the 35% Glycolic Acid is to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone, help with hyperpigmentation and to stimulate new collagen. When she applied the solution, I definitely felt it working!

The Glycolic Acid “peels” off the first 15 layers of skin.  At a pH of 2.2, that’s a strong acid solution.  After leaving that on my skin for a few minutes, skin was neutralized and then skin care products were applied.  Angela was particularly careful to remind me that after this treatment, I would need to be vigilant about wearing a sunscreen.

At the conclusion of my facial, I couldn’t believe how soft my skin was and great it looked.  In fact, I declined the offer of an application of a loose mineral powder.  I didn’t need or want to put on makeup!  I’ll be telling you more about the Skin Authority products in a future review.

Skin Authority products are found in leading spa and resort locations.  To find a Skin Authority Authorized Lifestyle Partner, call 1-866-325-SKIN option 4 or go to www.skinauthority.com.


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