Lots to report on this weekend, as I’ve just received my first shipment of the new Nutrisystem Success program! Since there are definitely some changes, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the new plan. Read on for more….

You may have read about the new Success program–there was alot of press when it launched in January. For me, it was all kind of abstract and it was only this week that I got the new program guide that would help me see where everything fit in. The program is still based on eating foods low on the glycemic index, but now they’ve added foods and protein shakes so that you stay more full between meals. The shakes are delicious; I’ve been having one mid-morning, between breakfast and lunch and it really helps curb your hunger.

So in addition to shakes, there are also SmartCarbs and Powerfuels. A SmartCarb is a low-glycemic carb and Powerfuels are protein sources; additions that help keep you fuller longer. Basically these foods add variety and for me, a little more flexibility into having my day structured so that I stay on plan and am not hungry.

Another change is called “My Daily 3”, meaning daily exercise for 10 minutes a day, three times/day. For some people, breaking exercise up into short segments might work better; for me, I’ll just stick with fitting in as many Zumba classes as I can during the week.

So far, I’m loving the new Success changes and it’s resulted in a loss this week of 1.0 lb., which makes my total weight loss so far, 71 lbs. If you’d like to lose weight and eat healthier or learn more about the new Nutrisystem Success plan, visit Nutrisystem.com and get on board today!

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