We’re one week into the New Year–are you still going strong with your “resolutions”?  Usually my attention span lasts through New Year’s Day, but so far, I’m hanging in there. Of course, the number of weight-loss commercials (including Nutrisystem) helps!  Read on for more…

In the past, I’ve always sort of dreaded New Year’s Day because it forces you to confront your demons. My demon always being my weight. This year, I’ve tried to change my mindset to a more positive outlook and think of this year as a new opportunity. An opportunity to try new things (yoga), to take control, to accept that there is a “thinner” me.

Part of that process was spent last weekend doing what so many people do in the new year–cleaning my closet.  I was pretty ruthless, getting rid of anything that was too big.  I know some people like to keep their “big” clothes as a reminder of where they started. Not me.

I wanted to make a clean start this year. I’m looking forward, not back. I lived it–I have no desire to wear those things again or have them hanging around as a “reminder”. I had huge bags that went to Goodwill and several more bags that will go to a consignment shop.  The only things left (not much!) are clothes that fit now. And hopefully next New Year’s Day I’ll be getting rid of them!

This week on Nutrisystem, I lost 1.8 lbs., making my total weight loss to date 68.8 pounds.  If you would like to lose weight and eat healthier, visit Nutrisystem and get on board with the Nutrisystem Success program today! Are you making a fresh start this year?



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