With all the buzz surrounding the Academy Awards tomorrow night, you can’t help but wonder about the dieting (healthy or not) that has been going on leading up to the big night. It made me think of the support that I’ve had along my weight-loss journey.  Read on for more…

When hearing about my being on Nutrisystem, I’ve often had people remark about the difficulty of following a weight-loss plan where you are seemingly “on your own”.  Yet that’s not the case.  While on Nutrisystem, I have access to a team of registered dieticians who are available to answer any questions I might have on the program or food; Meredith, who is my lifeline to Nutrisystem, as well as a newly-designed website.

The new website is designed to be user-friendly and even before the redesign, I have used it often to access the community forums.  It’s a virtual support group and no matter what my question is, I’ve been able to find people that had the same one, as well as the answer.  There are boards and blogs–and it’s so inspiring to see other peoples’ success on Nutrisystem. It definitely has helped keep me motivated!

Bottom line is, a weight-loss program is hard work and you need a support system to keep you in place.  In addition to the Nutrisystem tools, I’ve found a world of support on Twitter.  There have been so many times I don’t feel like heading off to Zumba, but then I see friends tweet that they’re on their way to the gym.  That’s like a virtual poke in the arm to get going! I definitely appreciate the sense of community and that it takes a village.

This week I lost 2.4 pounds, making my weight loss to date, 77.4 lbs. If you’d like to try out the new Nutrisystem® SUCCESS™ plan, Nutrisystem is offering 40% savings offer on all auto-delivery programs.  For more information, please visit www.nutrisystem.com/success4u or call 1-888-841-2572.  If you’re following a weight-loss program, how important do you feel a support system is to your success?


Disclosure: I am participating in the Nutrisystem Blogging program. My Nutrisystem food is provided to me in exchange for sharing my honest opinions. No other compensation is provided.
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